Lake Lite 4 pack Solar Dock Dots

4pk Solar Dock Dots

Solar Dock Dots are neatest, smallest solar lights you have ever seen! A nearly flush mount makes them virtually unnoticeable during the day and eliminates any tripping hazards.  

Easy to install in minutes with a 1-3/8" drill bit.   A super bright LED and powerful solar panel provide the solar dock dots with impressive illumination. 

Solar Dock Dots are available in 5-Color options to choose from - White, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Red (sorry 4 packs cannot be combined)

The solar dock dots are the perfect, easy, hassle free way to light up your dock or deck!

Great applications include: Decks, Pathways, Pilings, Docks, Boardwalks, Patios, Stairs, Rails, Posts, Trailers

Regular Price: 
Technical Specifications: 
Light Source 1-Ultra-High Intensity LED
Available LED Colors White, Blue, Green, Amber, Red
Light Mode Options Constant
Visible Range 50m – 300m+ Depending on Installation
Horizontal Output (Degrees) 360° + Horizon
Vertical Divergence (Degrees) 35-45°
LED Life Expectancy (Hours) >100,000 Hrs
Circuit Protection Integrated
Nominal Voltage 1.2v
Autonomy (hours) 16-20 hrs (On Full Charge)
Temperature Range -20 to 70℃
Solar Module Type Multicrystaline or Monocrystalline
Power (watts) 0.45 watts
Solar Module Efficiency (%) 16-17%
Battery Type High Grade NiMh - ECO Friendly
Battery Size 1/3 AAA
Battery Capacity (mAhr) 120 mAhr
Nominal Voltage (v) 1.2v
Battery Service Life 1-3 Years (Varies with Environment)
Battery Service Access Yes: User Changeable/Replaceable
Body Material UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
Lens Material UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
External Lens Design Integrate Convex Optics & Diffusion
Internal Lens Design 360° Convex Optics & Diffusion
Waterproof Rating IP 68
Mounting 1 – hole (1-3/8”) Diameter / (35mm)
Height 35mm
Width 35mm Body & 42mm Lip
Weight/Diameter 1.0 lb

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