Lake Lite 1pk Solar Underglow Light for 3.5" or Brock Dock

Comes with your choice of White or Amber LED's!

The Solar Underglow Lights are the latest in Solar Dock Light technology from Lake Lite Inc.  Indirect downward lighting provides a unique and amazing look on the dock surface. The Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks is designed to fit Brock Dock Brand Post covers or 3.5” OD post covers or post. Six bright LED's are placed around the unit shine light downward and outward. The LED’s illuminate the dock post as well as the dock surface providing indirect lighting. Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks have a large solar panel, which allows more power from the sun to ensure full charging even on those cloudy days.

Fits Post Sizes: 

Brock Dock Post Covers

3” PVC Post (3-1/2”) OD

3” Galvanized Post (3-1/2”) OD

3” PVC Post (3-1/2”) OD


18 Hour Run Time

20 Lumens

Sea Turtle Friendly

Fresh Water and Salt Water Friendly

Changeable Batteries

Choice of White LED's or Amber LED's

Regular Price: 
Technical Specifications: 
Light Source 6 Ultra High Intensity LEDs
Lumens Output 20-40 Lumens* (Varies with Color & Settings)
Available LED Colors White or Amber
Light Mode Options Constant
Visible Range 500m+ (Depending on Installation)
Horizontal Divergence (Degrees) 360°
Vertical Divergence (Degrees) Negative Below Horizon
LED Life Expectancy (Hours) >100,000 hrs
Circuit Protection Integrated
Nominal Voltage 2.4v
Autonomy (hours) 12-20 hrs* (On Full Charge)
Temperature Range -20 to 70℃
Solar Module Type Multicrystaline or Monocrystalline
Power (watts) 1.10 watts
Solar Module Efficiency (%) 16-17%
Battery Type High Grade NiMh - ECO Friendly
Battery Size 2 x AA
Battery Capacity (mAhr) 1200 mAhr (Suggested: larger)
Nominal Voltage (v) 1.2v/ Battery
Battery Service Life 1-3 Years (Varies with Environment)
Battery Service Access Yes: User Changeable/Replaceable
Body Material UV Stabilized ASA
Lens Material N/A
External Lens Design N/A
Internal Lens Design N/A
Waterproof Rating IP 68
Mounting Fits Over 3.5” Post

See Kichler's 15 year residential warranty!



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